Business Associate Agreement

It is the policy of MNIS to maintain the confidentiality of any information that pertains to all customers receiving services from the agency, as well as following HIPPA and regulatory requirements. Written consent of the guardian or customers, whichever is applicable, is required to release or obtain information.

Individual information can be released to agencies as specified to business associate agreements. Individual information will be provided by MNIS when a court order, subpoena or statue requires doing so.

Employees of the agency have a right to expect that information regarding their application and references, job performance and salary remain confidential. Signed authorization is necessary for release of information.

Any misuse or mishandling of confidential information may result in legal action brought at the discretion of the customers his or her family, or in extreme cases, MNIS.

Even after employment ends, the employee is still bound to maintain the confidentiality of customers and employees both past and present. The pursuit of legal action can be brought forth by a customer, a legal representative, and/or MNIS